Prop 47


In 2014, California voted on Proposition 47, allowing anyone convicted of certain theft and drug charges to have their felony reduced to a misdemeanor. If you or someone you know has a felony conviction then you understand the heavy burden. The consequences generally include denial of employment, loss of voting rights, loss of right to hold public office, disqualification from jury service, loss of right to own a gun and loss of certain professional licenses or permits. Students convicted of felony drug crimes become ineligible for financial aid. Some may be ineligible for public housing and assistance or food stamps based on a felony conviction. The good news is that Prop 47 provides immediate relief. Anyone convicted of the following felony charges may petition the court and their felony will forever be reduced to a misdemeanor. The eligible charges include:
  • 1) HS 11377 - Simple drug possession, most commonly cocaine or meth
  • 2) HS 11350 - Simple possession, most commonly heroin
  • 3) PC 459 - Commercial burglary involving an amount less than $950
  • 4) PC 473 - Forgery involving an amount less than $950
  • 5) PC 476 - Check fraud involving an amount less than $950
  • 6) PC 496 - Recieving stolen property involving less than $950 in property
  • 7) PC 666 - Petty theft with prior theft convictions
  • 8) HS 11357(a) - Possession of concentrated cannibus
  • Call us today, our office can file your petition, appear at the hearing for you and get your felony removed forever without you ever stepping foot in court. If you think you can't afford it, call us because you can't afford not to.
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