Tarek Shawky, Founder and Managing Partner

For ten years I've dedicated myself to criminal defense and building an expert team of defense attorneys. Through public defense work and private practice I've obtained the most valuable criminal education and experience. I've learned how to win trials and how to negotiate the best results for clients through relationship building and by establishing trust with Judges and prosecutors. I've successfully reduced bail for clients and consistently provide creative, alternative sentences to keep clients out of custody. I know how to navigate the complexities of the criminal justice system to secure the best possible result in an otherwise unfortunate situation. I received my J.D. from Southwestern University School of Law before working at the Public Defenders Office in Riverside and Los Angeles Counties. I completed the two year accelerated SCALE Program and was elected President of my law school class. Prior to Law School I attended UCLA where I received a B.A. degree. Constitutional guarantees against government infringement and equality before the law are two of the ideals that drew me to a career in criminal law. Armed with experience in advocacy and a passion for criminal defense, I have the knowledge, experience and drive necessary to ensure the best outcome for any client, any case, any time.

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