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Bad things happen to good people and good people need the best representation.

We are a criminal defense firm with a decade of experience in criminal law. We have the knowledge, skill and confidence to handle any criminal case no matter how large or small.

Our legal system claims equality before the law, but in reality the scales of justice tip in favor of the wealthy and privileged. The system is flawed when prejudice and stereotype cloud the judgment of some peace officers. Recently we have all witnessed these fatal flaws from Los Angeles to Baltimore to Ferguson and Charleston. Your best defense when dealing with the justice system is to retain a strong, experienced attorney who will fight for you and make the law work for you regardless of your financial situation, ethnicity or criminal history.

I've represented thousands of clients over the last decade. I know how to win trials, negotiate the best deals and ensure the best outcome in an otherwise unfortunate situation. Whether you’re guilty or not, you need someone standing by your side to keep a bad situation from becoming worse. Don’t wait, call us now for a free consultation.
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You are our top priority. Your satisfaction is tied to our success. Our goal is to exceed your expectations by providing the best service and personal attention while achieving the best results for every client, every time.


Our mission is to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your family. We understand the best results often take time, patience and hard work; and our vision and focus reflect that philosophy. Some firms are quick to take your money and rush you into a plea bargain. We invest in you and your case to guarantee success and long term satisfaction.


A successful criminal defense firm does more than just unlock your jail cell. We fight for you every step of the way. Whether we win at trial or negotiate the most lenient and least restrictive sentence, we leverage our knowledge, relationships and resources to unlock every possible benefit for you.


Navigating the justice system is like a game of chess. We love the game and have mastered it. We know how to win and we are always planning three steps ahead. We work with you to develop strategies and keep you informed each step of the way.



  • I am a law student, and I was dealing with a terrifying criminal charge that would completely derail my career. One of my favorite professors recommended Mr. Shawky and he was amazing. Mr. Shawky was patient, understanding, non-judgmental and he took a personal interest in my case and helped me navigate it to a good resolution. I would highly recommend him.

    Fabian V.
    Whittier, CA

  • I hired Tarek when my brother was charged. Tarek was able to drop the charges after working very hard. He is extremely professional and has great communication skills. He knows the law very well and explains options very clearly. I highly recommend him to anyone.

    Suzy H.
    Los Angeles, CA

  • I had been poorly represented by another attorney in the past, but Tarek passed the gut check for me and made me feel confident from that first meeting. Tarek was thorough in helping me understand what was going on and was always on top of communicating with me any time of day. He was prompt to all court dates, was aggressive on my behalf, and ultimately got my four felonies dismissed. Could not have asked for better representation. Thank you, Tarek!

    Drew O.
    Los Angeles, CA

  • Mr. Shawky was an unbelievable attorney. He always kept me informed and up to date as to what was going on with my case and was always updating me as to all my possible options and what the consequences would be with each option. Did a great job for me and the end result of my case.

    Ali S.
    Orange, CA

  • The police found the stolen property in my room and the DA wanted to send me to prison for 3 years, double my time at 85% because of the strike. I am on probation and parole as well. Tarek was able to negotiate a plea where I was released on probation and I'm now doing a rehab program instead of jail or prison. Tarek truly knows what he is doing. Thank You!

    M. H.
    San Bernardino, CA

  • Mr. Shawky did an excellent job for my family. A friend recommended him. He was agressive on behalf of us in court and also well respected by the Judges and attorneys. He returned all calls promptly and always kept us informed about what was going on. Mr. Shawky went the extra mile for us on a tough case and got excellent results. Highly recommended.

    Laura G.
    Los Angeles, CA

  • Sometimes in life you get surprises, some good and some bad. The reputation of lawyers is being money hungry and often don't truly care about you or your circumstances. I was surprised to find an honest attorney who worked, and worked until he achieved the goal set. He did not give up or settle for anything less. His fee was his fee and never changed and in my case there were plenty of reasons to charge more. I found a winner here and I thank him. Can't go wrong here...this one you can trust.

    Stephon Z.
    Moreno Valley, CA

  • Emotionally and health-wise this has been the worst time of my life, especially when I had done nothing to warrant the charges leveled against me. I truly felt victimized by being jailed because of lies and false pretense. Tarek's dedication & expertise ensured a more than favorable result with all charges being dismissed. I recommend Tarek with immense gratitude from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate his counsel, advocacy and friendship, may God reward & bless him.

    Mario N.
    Los Angeles, CA

  • Mr. Shawky LISTENED to me and supported my decision to plead not guilty. Mr. Shawky is an EXCELLENT investigator. He went to Lake Perris, where the incident happened, mapped the location and drew diagrams. He interviewed the witnesses. Once Mr. Shawky presented his findings to the DA, ALL CHARGES WERE DISMISSED. I am happy to have had Mr. Shawky represent me.

    L. Smith
    Los Angeles, CA


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